studentsAt CNIH we give our students more because we want to help them reach their potential. In turn, our students learn the importance of serving those around them.

Service is a way of life at CNIH. From our student-led Food Bank Initiative team to Operation Come Home programs, students, faculty, and staff find ways to give something back.

You’ll also find ample opportunities to hone your leadership skills. Through participation in our Student Committees to chairing our Program Advisory Committee as an Alumni, you can gain valuable experience that will translate directly into career, graduate, and professional school skills. We’ll help you sharpen your abilities and understand the importance of using them for the greater good—because, at CNIH, we believe everyone has something to give.

The students at CNIH form a healthy family sharing ideas and assist each other with intent. From the first week of class the students form into study groups where they communicate and support one another. They enjoy each other’s company whether it is in the Student Lounge or the Cafeteria, or one of the many open spacious accessible spots in the building, or even outside in one of the many picnic tables available for a pleasant lunch.

Each student is assigned a private locker in a designated change room.

Students elect a class president. Their responsibilities of the class president are that of serving as the liaison between students and staff.