Dental Hygiene School in Canada

Dental Hygiene Program in Canada – a lucrative career option!

There are several things that we can discover about our body simply by examining the teeth. Scientists believe that our mouth is a gateway to our whole body similar to our eyes that are in a philosophical manner considered the gateway to our soul. If this belief is true by our scientists then it is necessary that we should keep our teeth and gums healthy in every possible manner. This is one of the reasons that people these days are more and more becoming conscious about their dental hygiene. This means if you are interested in pursuing your career in dental health then in upcoming years you have attractive career options in dentistry. Today the industry of dental hygiene in Canada is growing at a rapid pace offering innumerable career options. At CNIH we make sure that our students will receive complete assistance from our professional educators in every regard including practical knowledge and theoretical concepts. Whether you are interested in making a career out of dental hygiene or it is your passion to explore more about dentistry, at CNIH you will get complete guidance at every step.

CNIH Programs in Dental Hygiene in Canada

We provide 18 months program of dental hygiene where we cover all the basic and advanced elements in behavioral sciences, biomedical sciences, oral health sciences, dental hygiene theory and practice as well as clinical experience. The job role of a dental hygienist is to take care of the patient right from his or her first visit until the completion of their treatment. Our motive is to prepare our students with thorough knowledge of each and every aspect of dental hygiene. This is the reason that CNIH is considered one of the best institutes for dental hygiene Canada.

If you are interested to pursue your career in dental hygiene then it is necessary that you should fulfill following eligibility criteria that are decided on the standards of Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada, the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario, the Canadian Dental Association and The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

  • If English is the second language for the applicant, a test of English as a foreign language score must be provided: TOEFL, IELTS or CAEL score or other standard English test score (with a grade of 60% or higher)
  • Admission Entrance Exam (covering English, Math, Chemistry, and Biology)
  • English, Grade 12 (or equivalent with a grade of 60% or higher).
  • Mathematics, Grade 11 with a minimum of 60% or higher
  • Chemistry and/or Physics Grade 11 (or equivalent with a grade of 60% or higher)
  • Biology, Grade 11 (or equivalent with a grade of 60% or higher)
  • Followed by interview by professional educators.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent

However, if you are at the age of 21 years or above and do not fulfil any basic required admission requirement for dental hygiene program then you have to follow the guidelines of mature student. The prospective student who falls under this category is considered by the dental institutes on individual basis.

Not only CNIH but all standard quality institutes offer this course divided into 3 terms where the theoretical curriculum is covered along with clinical practice. Our admission process follows 4 steps:

  1. Initially complete the application form
  2. Enclose all the copies of required relevant transcripts
  3. Write entrance exam (with a grade of 60% or higher). Here you need to pay fixed examination fee of $150.00 before taking the test at CNIH.
  4. Our final step involves interview with office of admissions

How to find quality dental hygiene school in Canada?

The dental industry is growing at a fast pace due to the 2 most prominent reasons the first tremendous increase in population and second people are becoming more conscious about their oral health. This gives you a lucrative career option in dental hygiene. The best part of considering this program is it is of the short term that is 18 months and covers the entire necessary curriculum in 3 terms. There are several different dental hygiene schools in Canada that can offer you comprehensive and all types of dental programs that you can choose as per your interest. However, making the right selection on a choice of college requires a bit of research.

  1. Initially you need to make sure what type of dental program you would like to pursue as per your interest.
  2. If you are interested in making your career in dental hygiene then it is necessary that you first identify accredited institutions in Canada that offer quality education.
  3. There are several different institutes but when it comes to finding the best dental hygiene school in Canada then CNIH is one renowned name in the industry.
  4. It is necessary that whichever institute you choose must provide complete theoretical knowledge along with clinical practice.

It is just not the dental hygiene program offering quality career option. However, there are many divergent careers for youth in dentistry that can be pursued as per their interest. Following is the highlight of some other programs that you can find in CNIH.

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (Probationary) – 20 months
  • Dental Hygiene(CDAC accredited)- 18 months
  • Dental Assistant – 36 weeks program
  • Dental /Medical Office Administrator – 26 week program

There are several different dental schools that have been set up in this regard offering quality courses and internship programs that help youth to practice their skills under professional dentists. A candidate who successfully completes his or her dental hygiene program will have to first assist the dentist in cleaning the gums and teeth of the patients as well as preparing their treatment plan. This is one basic and vital role as a dental hygienist that you must know how to perform efficiently. Most of the dental schools offer complete clinical practice during the second and third term in their dental hygiene program in Canada.

For more information on different dental programs, you can visit programs comprises complete detail of every course right from eligibility criteria to curriculum that will assist you to choose the best program as per your interest.